Experience Trust

Custom Benefits was founded by Kathy Laskowski as a way to provide the business community with a caring, insightful resource for benefits design and planning. Practicing benefits planning and plan administration for over twenty years has given Kathy the tools and the perspective to see the problems and the opportunities confronting employers and employees alike. Her experience has included negotiating reinsurance contracts and crafting custom employee benefits plans to fit unique workplace needs.

As a virtual partner in an organization's benefits operation, Kathy's expertise is brought to bear with great effect on the challenges facing current and future clients of Custom Benefits.

Trust Experience

No two organizations are exactly alike. We focus on making the effort required to
create benefits plans which fit the needs and deliver value to employers and employees.

While the name Custom Benefits may sound generic, the creativity and
professionalism we apply to each situation gives true meaning to the words.

The Promises that Earn Trust

Client Issues will be addressed promptly with excellent follow through.

Client Issues will be documented in CBI's Client Management System.

All client calls will be addressed daily.

Quarterly meeting will address pending renewals, new state and federal laws and carrier changes/issues.

Carrier Renewals will be addressed in a timely fashion and include creative plan designs, network comparisons and tax advantages with different contribution options.

CBI will all prepare employee communications concerning plan changes, new carrier information and open enrollment requirements. We will be responsible for processing all the necessary paperwork.

Assumptions are dangerous. We don't hesitate to get clarification on all client issues, carrier changes and new state and federal employer requirements.

The day is not over until our client's work is done.

Cost Control

21st century benefits planning is as much about containing escalating costs as ensuring the availability of care. Custom benefits makes controlling costs more than an agenda item at yearly meetings. We are constantly vigilant throughout the plan year, on the lookout for potential pitfalls or opportunities within each client's package.

Long Term Planning

Benefits are not benefits, unless they are beneficial. Employers owe it to themselves and their employees to be proactive and fastidious when crafting a menu of options from which to select. Custom Benefits will evaluate your current plan against a carefully drawn map of plan options. This process can take place on a statistical basis in the background, or proactively involve the workforce.

The Planning Process

Custom Benefits starts by assembling all carrier quotes, and laying them out in a way that allows for meaningful comparison. We carefully compare networks for quality and availability. We present a compilation that shows the most competitive products and premium funding arrangements. We recommend different plans depending on industry changes that may occur upon renewal, to minimize gaps in what is available going forward.

We can also design and monitor surveys to which your employees may respond with regard to all aspects of your benefits package. This will greatly help your benefits package be relevant to your employee’s needs as well as encourage valuable dialogue.

We then plan and conduct employee meetings to present plan packages. Our goal is always providing a choice that is clear, affordable and tailored to the needs of the beneficiary as much as possible.